How to Download Fluxus on Mac (July 2024)

Fluxus is without a doubt one of the most used Roblox executors for Mobile but there are many who wish to use it on their Mac devices.

Since it is an official website to Fluxus executor, we try our best to explain everything in detail and we did the same with this topic.

Before I teach you the entire process of downloading and installing Fluxus Executor on Mac, let me tell you that the official Mac version of the executor is yet to be released.

Since the Mac version of Fluxus Executor is not released yet, a lot of users are having a hard time exploiting Roblox games on Mac.

The reason why tons of people are currently searching for Fluxus Executor’s Mac version is it is 100% free and safe.

To use this Roblox executor on Mac, you need to keep reading this post.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Fluxus Executor on Mac

Downloading Fluxus Executor On Mac

There might be no official Mac version of Fluxus available on the internet but this Roblox Exploit is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac.

To use Fluxus on Mac, you simply need to download the Fluxus Bootstrapper file from its official site.

Once you have successfully downloaded the file on your Mac, open it. When you click on it, you might see a pop-up on the screen stating that ‘FluxusBootStrapper’ can’t be opened because Apple can check it for malicious software.

To fix this issue, you simply need to click on the ‘Apple’ icon located at the top right corner of the screen and select ‘System Preferences…’ and then go to ‘Security & Privacy’.

There, you need to click on the ‘Open Anyway’ option. When you do so, the same pop-up will appear on the screen again.

This time, you click on the ‘Open’ button. When you do so, yet another pop-up window will appear on the screen.

Now, click on the ‘Install and Agree to EULA‘ button to begin the installation process of Fluxus Executor.

Once the installation is done, you will have the Fluxus Executor GUI opened on your screen.

Once the GUI appears on the screen, copy the script you wish to execute on Mac using the Fluxus Executor and paste it into the Script Hub.

Before clicking on the Inject button, make sure you have launched the game on your Mac that you want to exploit.

Once the game is launched, click on the Inject and then Execute Script buttons, respectively.

When you do so, you will be asked to enter your Mac password if you have any. Once entered, you will have the script executed.

Once the script is executed, you can enjoy your favourite Roblox game to the fullest.

If you still have questions about its Mac version, do watch the following YouTube video.

That’s all you need to know about how to download Fluxus on Mac.

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Fluxus FAQs

Does Fluxus Have an Official Mac Version?

Unfortunately, the official Mac version of Fluxus executor is yet to be released. Currently, the Windows and Mobile versions of the executor can be downloaded from its official site.

Is Fluxus Free?

Yes, Fluxus is 100% free for all devices — Mobile, Windows and Mac. Notably, there is a paid version of the executor available which provides the same experience without a key. If you use Fluxus’ free version, you need to go through its Key system to obtain a key, which does not need in its Premium version.

Can I Use Fluxus on Mac?

Yes, anyone can use Fluxus Executor on Mac because it is compatible with Windows and Mac. If you don’t know how then follow the steps mentioned above.

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